How The Great British Bake Off’s Noel Fielding became our new style icon

When the outlandish and slightly gothic comedian Noel Fielding was announced to take over from Mel & Sue’s presenter role, it came as a bit of a shock to all lovers of The Great British Bake Off.

However, this unconventional choice has turned out to be a rather brilliant move. Fielding has fast become the best thing about this series of Bake Off, and everyone’s new favourite presenter. Funny and unpredictable, he keeps us tuning in every week with his bizarre antics and slapstick humour such as falling into a bush, or hiding in a fridge.

Comedy capers aside, we couldn’t help but notice Fielding’s unexpectedly iconic fashion choices. His signature style includes dark skinny jeans, chunky Dr Martens boots, bold socks and some form of snazzy shirt.

In week one he wore a crow emblazoned silk shirt, the cuffs nonchalantly unbuttoned. This was a custom made shirt from Silken Favours, but you can get other similar styles over on their website.

Lazy Oaf has proved a firm favourite brand for Fielding, as he has donned an electric blue shirt with pink smiley faces from the brand, as well as a pastel coloured one covered in ice creams. These are both available on asos but are currently sold out.

Channel 4 Press Centre

He also has shown excellent taste in jumpers, wearing a bold rose patterned sweater, as well as a Bella Freud number. Similar styles can be found here.

Noel’s stylish choices have earned him the spot of Star Baker in our eyes and we can’t wait to se what he will be wearing in this week’s episode!

Channel 4 Press Centre

You can watch the Great British Bake Off tonight at 8pm on Channel 4.


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