How to re-wear last years florals

I think I speak for most of us when I say we spent far too much time online shopping last year in an attempt to get through lockdown blues, and just the general boredom of having very little to do. I even saw a semi-humorous, semi-serious Zara addicts anonymous to help people through their Zara shopping addiction. And, judging by the sheer volume of TikTok videos and Instagram posts about new in Zara hauls and just online shopping hauls in general, it sounds like an essential at this point.

However, optimism was in abundance, especially during the first months of the first lockdown and so a lot of our online purchases were trends projected for that very summer, which we thought we would be wearing on the beaches of Spain. One of those trends, like every spring/summer, was florals. And yet they are now “last years” florals, and thus do not fit into what’s in Vogue and Cosmopolitan this seasons but in the spirit of sustainability, saving pour bank accounts and actually getting to wear a trend we love, here is how to wear last years florals, this year.

Maximalism and print clashing have become more commonplace in street style recently. The easiest place to start is to pair a bright, almost psychedelic (one of last summer’s trends) floral with a much more simplistic print, like a monochrome polka dot or smaller, ditsy print in a similar colour. As you get more confident parring bold prints with equally bold prints, you can move into clashing last years florals with last years florals. Just always stick to minimal and simplistic accessories to let the colours and patterns of your outfit do the talking.

Pattern clashing with florals from google images

Wearing last years florals in your accessories is a much more subtle and easy way to revive the trends. Whether this be in a scarf, bag, tie, hat, shoes or even sunglasses, you might surprise yourself with that one. It’s an easy way to incorporate last years pieces and can be used to elevate a somewhat simple outfit. This works incredibly well if your workplace (when it opens again)  has a somewhat strict dress code or you just prefer more neutral and toned down outfits for your day to day outings.

In a quick and easy DIY, you can transform most dresses into skirts with just a few simple tucks and strategic belting. Or you can chuck a chunky jumper over the top on those cooler days and pretend. It’s the perfect way to breath new life into the floral maxi dresses you wore every day last summer and comes with the added bonus of keeping you warm when the weather gets confused and decides it’s the middle of winter.

One of last years favourite floral dresses from google images

This hack may not work for everyone or every garment, but turning clothing inside out and wearing it may create a beautiful, faded floral print. This takes a bit more confidence, as one must present the idea like it’s high fashion due to the visible seams it no doubt comes with. And watch out for any labels or weird marks you may have left on the underside of clothes. A simpler take on this is just to wear the garment back to front, giving a top or dress an entirely new neckline.

And finally, there is always the option to swap your florals with friends. Or you might even be able to nab something floral from your partners wardrobe, which has not been over worn in the same way your favourite floral shirt from last summer was.


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