How to restyle a vintage scarf

Tired of styling your scarf in the same way? Then look no further, Fashion North has you covered! These simple styling tips will transform your old scarf into a must-have accessory for every outfit.

  1. Use it as a headband

    By simply wrapping the scarf around a bobble and finishing it with a bow, you can create a super easy, casual and girly look. You can use this technique on almost any hair style from a classic pony tail to a messy bun. Adding a scarf to your hair is a quick and easy way to mix up any hairstyle.

  2. Make it into a bracelet It’s time we start using scarves as more than a neck accessory and start finding more creative ways to incorporate them into an outfit. Why not try wearing one as a bracelet? Simply tie the scarf around your wrist to create a bold statement accessory.
  3. Use it as belt 

    If you’re sick of wearing the same belt with every outfit then a vintage scarf could be the solution you’re looking for. By taking a scarf and pulling it through the belt loops of your trousers you can completely transform your outfit adding a pop of colour and pattern.

  4. Turn it into a bag handleAnother unique way you can add a scarf to an outfit is by using it as a bag handle. Tuck in any handles you may already have on your bag and tie a scarf at both ends of the bag, replacing and plain straps with a fun colourful one guaranteed to get your bag noticed. When tying the scarf at both ends of your bag make sure you tie it with a double knot so the handle is secure and your bag doesn’t fall.

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