How to switch your make-up from summer pastels to winter darks


Winter is now upon us, the days of pastel pinks and sunshine yellows are merely a distant memory of that summer holiday in Ibiza. But fear not my fellow make-up-lovers, the fun is just beginning. Dark days and cold nights allow you to embrace the shadows and immerse yourself in the magic of dark beauty. For those of you that are a little unsure on how to switch from your pastel hues to deep tones, we’ve compiled a short list of products to try this autumn/winter.

When it comes to your lips try a red wine colour, it highlights your face and adds a little warmth to in these cold winter months. Red is an elegant and romantic shade, and it can add shape to your lips making them look fuller – so don’t worry, you don’t need Scarlett Johansson lips to be able to pull it off.

Product: There’s millions of red lipsticks out there, as it’s winter we’d suggest you use a gloss finish as matte will cling to those unwanted dry lips. If you’re a little unsure if you’ll suit a red lip then try 2 True from Superdrug in shade 11, it’s only £1.99 so won’t break the bank.

Tip: Place a small cross under your Cupids bow and along the bottom line of your lower lip to give your lips a defined shape.

Your eyes are the easiest assets to play with when it comes to winter make-up. You can go for a strikingly dark look with a smoky flick, or veer in the complete opposite direction and go for a more frosted look with strong lashes and highlighted edges.

Lip and eye

Smoky eyes are ideal for a winter night out when paired with a nude lipstick. The contrast in colours are sexy and striking without being overbearing. By colouring your upper waterline with pencil eyeliner your eyes will instantly look bigger and bolder to give the smoky eye more impact. Create a small flick at the edge of your upper lid if you want to add that gorgeous feline fierceness.

Product: Barry M have a liquid eyeliner pen which is really easy to apply, the pointed pen makes it easier to create flicks. The eyeliner is prices at £4.99 and is available in most Superdrug stores.

Tip: When it comes to winged eyeliner be sure to have a steady hand , and keep calm, no one gets it right first time.


On the other hand, frosted eyes paired with a deep-coloured lipstick make for a gorgeous dose of warmth on a cold, drizzly day. By simply adding mascara to curled lashes, separating and adding highlighter to the corners and under your brow line, you can flaunt your eyes for the gorgeous shape they are and still carry the jaw-dropping impact of your dark lips.

Product: Mac are known for their lipsticks and Rebel is possibly one of their best shades. It’s a deep purple that’s long lasting and perfect for autumn/winter.

Tip: If you find your lipstick smudges try using a lip liner as well as a lipstick, it makes it easier to keep your lipstick in the lines!


Your nails are the part of your appearance that you can really get creative with. Lines, dots, stones, diamonds, glitter, matte, shine, caviar and crackle are just a few looks you can play with.

You could get cosy with a soft grey and a matte top coat, you could get glitzy with a black base and some silver sparkles, or maybe even get Christmassy and base your nail with a rich maroon and coat with gold glitter. This time of year is perfect for your to test your boundaries and explore the colours that complement your features. Be big. Be bold. Be beautiful. It’s what winter intended!

Product: Bourjois have an amazing range of nail varnishes, their glitter silver shade lasts all day and only needs one coat.

Tip: If your nail varnish needs to coats make sure your first coat is completely dry – no one likes smudged nail varnish.


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