Monochrome madness, waves of black and white clothes and accessories hit the PPQ catwalk at full force. The venue was simply delightful, the underground vibe to the set suited PPQ and their AW collection, which was held at Crypt on the green in London. They had their own DJ who was playing up beat techno music which coincided with how the models quickly graced down the catwalk.

Percy Parker and Amy Molyneaux really made a bold statement with this year’s AW collection. Before the show, they described it as “it’s very black and white”. Comparing this collection to AW 16 where there was a spectrum of colour, it was a complete contrast as AW 17 is completely monochrome, which is like their AW 15 collection.

A horizontal pinstripe pattern was featured on many items, even their invitations had the same design. The collection also featured a black and white tartan print, funnel neck lines, large silky black choker necklaces and white fur. The white fur was predominant on many of the coats which was on the trim of the neckline, cuffs or at the hem.

White was featured on many of the clothes to really add a pop of colour such as a black velvet décolletage neckline dress with white frill sleeves. Feathers were also heavily featured throughout the collection. There was an assortment of black feathers across the bust of a black velvet bardot mini dress. Not only on the clothes were feathers featured but also in the models hair.

The models hair was put in a 60s’ bouffant with black feathers either side of the hairstyle. The eye make-up was a heavy black winged eyeshadow and winged eyeliner look with bold brows and finished off with a nude lip.

Models wore Adidas Gazelle shoes in black and white with black laces with every outfit. This really suited the collection as it made the clothes have more of a relaxed street style towards them.

Percy Parker came onto the catwalk after the show had ended, arms linked with two models who had walked in the show, and of course he was dressed head to toe in monochrome.


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