Lingerie Protest at London Fashion Week

A group of women dressed only in their underwear, were spotted outside the London Fashion Week hub. They wanted to show others the importance of cherishing women in all sizes to feel confident in their own skin.

They did a photoshoot because they wanted to point out the importance of feeling comfortable in your own skin and they wanted to encourage the designers to involve models in all shapes on the runways.

Daughter of David Hasselhoff, Hayley Hasselhoff says: “It’s really important that we continue to campaign for body positivity and diversity in the industry. We want to give women everywhere the confidence to be who they are.  This is only achieved by showing a wide variety of models irrespective of size.  By tearing up the ‘one size’ fits fashion rule book we hope to encourage any woman, whatever her size, to feel fabulous in their skin.”

Most women feel like there is not enough fashion choices in the market as designers are not thinking about a variety of sizes.



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