Millie Bobby Brown embodies courage and power in ‘Enola Holmes’ film

‘Enola Holmes’, which made it’s debut on Netflix on Wednesday, surrounds Sherlock Holmes’ sister- Enola and her quest to find her lost mother.

Millie Bobby Brown, known for her iconic role as ‘Eleven’ in the Stranger Things franchise, takes on the role of witty Enola and goes on a quest to find her mother, whilst learning how to survive in Victorian London.

The costumes featured in the Netflix film, are breathtaking, with designs inspired by the exaggeration of costumes found in theatre. Costume Designer Consolata Boyle built each outfit for the principal cast, and wanted to portray the message of bravery through Enola’s appearance.

And doesn’t she look phenomenal in this hand-dyed red gown, which was dyed especially to convey “strength and courage to complement Enola’s personality”.  

Boyle also said in a recent interview that the custom dyed piece also sends a message to Enola’s challengers too.


Each of Millie Bobby Brown’s costumes had their own message to tell to the viewer, with Boyle conveying a story in each one. For example the stunning blue gown she wore when meeting her brothers, was made to show the message that was the “feeling of a Victorian radical and a free-thinker”, Boyle added.

Millie Bobby Brown radiates beauty with her hair down in loose waves  below in the blue gown worn at the beginning of the film.

Even at the end the style of Enola Holmes is precisely curated, wearing a raw silk flowing dress which was natural and un-treated. Boyle’s reasoning behind the closing gown was to make the costume reflect the shape of the first dress that Enola was first seen in at the opening of the film, which skilfully  closes the story at the end.


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