More Dash Than Cash: Tinfoil halter neck and pleated Vogue skirt

For our More Dash Than Cash theme, we created two looks using household items, including tinfoil, cardboard, magazines, a tape measure, bin bags and tea towels.

Our first look consists of a bandeau top made from two bin bags tied together, with a tea towel headband and a skirt made from old Vogue magazines – put together through the concertina method. To finish the look, we pinched the skirt in at the waist by adding a tape measure as a belt.

For the second outfit, we put together a tinfoil tassel halter neck using cardboard as the base, with shoelaces to tie the top at the back. We created a large bracelet by using a tea towel tied into a knot and used the tape measure – we previously used as a belt – for a headband to give it a 70s inspired look.



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