Sneaky! The thing you didn’t know about ASOS A-List…

ASOS A-List, the loyalty programme for U.K customers, comes with some amazing perks. Increased birthday discounts, free next day delivery codes, early access to sales and a chance to win cool prizes but there’s something they don’t tell you…

As a loyal customer you are automatically signed up to ASOS A-List if you make a purchase of at least £1 on qualifying orders. But, due to this process you aren’t given a real chance to read their terms and conditions – unless you go looking for them yourself.

On the outside their loyalty programme looks decent. A timescale is given to work your way through three levels and become a VIP. If you don’t get the required points, your level expires and you start again. At first glance the given time scales seem pretty reasonable, but, here’s the glitch… there’s a second expiry date on your points!

Every 12 months from the date you made your qualifying order your points reset to zero. Even more confusingly, your points and levels expire at different times. This means you could be steadily building up your points, nearing the next level and then they’re just gone. And you have to start all over again. Fab.

All that money you spent, all those points, just gone because of a second expiry policy that is as not clearly advertised as the first.

An official statement from ASOS said: “We are committed to rewarding our customers and ASOS A-LIST remains a priority. We continue to offer a number of great rewards including discount codes, shopping vouchers and exclusive offers.”

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