The cosiest accessory of the season: the blanket scarf is back

It’s dark by half-past four, the radio is playing Christmas songs (which we aren’t screaming at them for) and, we’re wearing multiple layers to make the dash from our car to the Tesco entrance.

The end of November always seems to be the perfect time for us to realise how cold it is, and for the few of us still attempting to wear skirts without thermal tights or at least multiple pairs of tights, it is officially time to finally give in to a pair of trousers and wrap up warm.


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This is also when the more practical trends of the season emerge and, everyone and their dog (not kidding, we’re pretty sure we’ve seen dogs out in them) is wearing these huge, colourful blanket scarfs. Some of us are willing to suffer the cold for fashion but this latest trend does not call for such eyebrow-raising behaviour.

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This colour block scarf from Monsoon is the perfect piece to exemplify this trend. The range of colours in the garment makes it a perfect addition to any wardrobe. It adds a pop of vibrancy to what can, during the colder months, be a somewhat plain or simple outfit.

We love this ASOS version that comes in a range of colours

However, for a more neutral option, go for this scarf from Monki. Paired with any winter outfit, you can guarantee you will be warm this season. 

Blanket scarf from Monki

For the more creatively minded, the long, dark evenings of winter may be the perfect opportunity for you to knit your own version of the blanket scarf, mixing in a colour palette that’s tailor-made for your wardrobe.

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