The general public of Newcastle show off their stylish varsity wear

The varsity look is comfortable, versatile, and the perfect casual wear for a day out. A varsity jacket, sweater or T-shirt makes a great addition to any wardrobe, and they go with everything! We went out onto the streets of Newcastle to photograph some fashionable people sporting their varsity wear. See how the trendy people of Newcastle city centre style varsity in their own way below.

Kelly Tsang

Kelly Tsang, a student

Kelly said she buys a lot of her clothes second hand from online stores but still shops at more well-known stores such as H&M. Kelly dresses the way she does because she feels it shows a side of herself that people may not see based on how she interacts with them. H&M currently has a range of varsity jackets for under £25 here if you’re after a similar look to Kelly.

Haojin Zhou

Haojin Zhou, 26, freelance photographer

Haojin shopped most of the look shown here from Nike. His shoes were originally bought from END, but Haojin customised them himself, making the shoes; unique. He painted the shoes after Kobe’s death to pay tribute to Kobe Bryant since he is a big Kobe fan, proving that what you wear can display a huge show of respect.

Jake Ridley

Jake Ridley, 19, a student

The trendy jacket Jake is wearing was bought at Urban Outfitters, his T-shirt was from Jaded London, and his jeans are from New Look. He is also wearing Nike Air Force 1’s. Jake finds his style “normal but not too out of the ordinary”. He chooses his outfits based on comfort, but still as a way to express himself and believes that it allows people to look at him and get a taste of what type of person he is just by what he is wearing. 

Jake said: “I just wear what I want, and if I see something and like it, I buy it and don’t care if anyone else likes it or not.” Urban Outfitters have a similar varsity jacket available to buy here. You can get the shirt from Jaded London here.

Emily Varley

Emily Varley, 22, a student advisor

Emily bought her varsity jumper from The Vintage Store on Newcastle high street, and her trousers are from Urban Outfitters. She said she doesn’t often wear “girly stuff”, so she finds the clothes she does wear comfortable and easy to go about her day in. ASOS have a similar sweater here.street


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