The eight biggest celebrity breakups of 2021

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes, one of the most ‘interesting’ celebrity couples and not strangers to lists such as ‘couples we think will break up by the end of the year’ or have broken up. From the release of those odd photos of them kissing, to the questionable live videos, there was always something off about the pair. Despite being delightful individuals, we can’t help but be a tiny bit grateful that their relationship has ended, and while we didn’t have private access to their life together, we could see this break-up coming from a mile away. However, they aren’t the only couple to break-up in the past year.


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Possibly one of the most shocking divorces was that of Kim and Kanye. Even their names, side by side, are iconic, and half of the time, we forget they’ve even broken up. They filed for separation in February this year but Kim made it clear that she still respected her now ex-husband and that Kanye was still a great father. Since the break-up, Kim has been romantically involved with Pete Davidson, and there have been reports of Kanye being linked to Irina Shayk.

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Another Kardashian break-up was that of Khloe and Tristan. However, their relationship has been rocky and turbulent since the get-go. Despite supposedly being back together, the pair have broken up multiple times in the past due to cheating by Tristan. Many fans have some very vocal opinions about the pairs on-again, off-again relationship but we wish them all the best for the sake of their daughter True if nothing else.

Our least favourite celebrity break-up of the year goes to Zayn and Gigi, who have only recently welcomed a daughter into the world. The split happened after Malik allegedly assaulted Yolanda Hadid, Gigi’s mother. The pair had seemed perfect for each other, carrying one another through hard times and just appearing to be a genuinely perfect couple despite their rocky timeline. But, after six years, they have called it quits.

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Another big breakup in the industry comes from Elon Musk and Grimes who broke up in September after three years of dating and a child (whose name we are still unsure about). The pair always struck us as an unusual couple, and it didn’t come as much of a surprise when they announced their separation. However, they supposedly remain on good terms with one another.

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Speaking of Millionaires, Bill and Melinda Gates ended their 27-year marriage in May, with the divorce finally approved in August. The pair have three children together. While very little about the divorce is known, it is safe to say that the separation could have been made much more complicated by the sheer fortune possessed and amassed by the couple.

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Although we might have forgotten that they were dating, November also saw the separation of Jacob Elordi and Kaia Gerber, who were dating for a year. One of the most beautiful couples on the list, we could only imagine the kids they could have had, that they have ended things on amicable terms. Both have had equally high profile relationships in the past, with Jacob Dating his The kissing booth co-star Joey King during the filming of the Netflix rom-com and Kaia previously linked to Pete Davidson.

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We were also sad to see the engagement of Jennifer Lopez and A-rod called off back in spring of this year. However, this break-up made way for Ben Affleck and Jennifer, once nicknamed Bennifer, to re-kindle their old romance, and the pair have been growing strong since. Rumours of their engagement have even started circulating too. Will it be possible for Ben to put a ring on it soon? We only hope.

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