Top 5 Pinterest Christmas Card Displays

The Christmas card game is stronger than ever this year.

With so much festive sparkle, it would be a shame not to give these beautiful cards the display they deserve.

Pinterest has so many cute and creative ways of displaying this years card and here are Fashion Norths top five:

1. Tree Hangings.

The outdoors is so beautiful at this time of year why not bring some of that into your home with this beautiful tree to hand your Christmas cards on.

2. Hanging cards

Get creative with this home made Christmas Card hanger. Swap the leaves for Holly to give it that extra festive feel.

3. Christmas Card Tree

Turn a plain wall into a center piece with this cute modern display for your cards from loved ones.

4. Festive Hula Hoop – not the crisps.

Got an old Hula Hoop in the loft you never thought you would find a use for? Paint it Gold and it becomes the perfect Christmassy decoration to add your cards to.

5. Staircase display

Already got decorations on your stairs? Add your cards to it for a reminder of the lovely things your friends and family have said to you this festive season every time you go down the stairs.

Have you got any other cute and creative ways of displaying your cards this year? Tweet us @Fashion_North


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