We celebrate our favourite North East male bloggers


We pay tribute to our favourite male fashion and lifestyle blogs in the North East. Now, I know we’re used to seeing most male fashion blogs down South, but our favourites are just as good- and they’re from Newcastle- what more could we want?

Take a look at what they have to say about themselves and how they came to start their fabulous blogs.

Michael 84


Michael 84 is a men’s fashion, lifestyle and music blog based in Newcastle, created by Michael Adams. Michael tells us a little bit about himself and his reasons for starting his blog.

“I am Michael, from Newcastle, and founded my blog Michael 84 a couple of years ago. I have always enjoyed creating websites and other online ventures, so having a blog is something which I’ve progressed into over the years. I actually started my first blog over 10 years ago, before they were trendy on the back of a music forum I used to run; I was always too busy for it and had other commitments and did not know what direction I wanted to take it in so it faded out.”

“A few years ago, after I was reading a lot of blogs, I decided I would give it a proper go and just blog about the things I like with the idea that other people would too, and so would hopefully read it and relate to it. I was buying quite a lot of clothing and getting more into high street and streetwear and finding a bigger passion for it as well as the typical men’s lifestyle kind of things, so Michael 84 was my place to showcase it.”

Go and check out Michael’s fantastic blog for yourself at: www.michael84.co.uk.



GianniC is a men’s lifestyle, skincare and grooming blog based in Newcastle, created by Gianni Casagrande. Below, Gianni introduces himself and tell us his reasons for starting his blog.

“My name is Gianni and I write a little blog about lifestyle, skincare and grooming. If this is the kind of thing you’re into then my blog might be just the one for you. I’m a young, brother, friend, photographer, marketing student, waiter, blogger, crazy teen living in North East England.”

“I started my blog as my little space on the internet that I could write about products I bought and liked. I mainly blog about skincare/grooming and health products, giving my readers tried, tested and most importantly, honest reviews! However, I love to throw a lifestyle or photography post in there too… hoping to inspire and influence.”

Here at Fashion North, we absolutely love the fact that GianniC is a men’s skincare blog- such an amazing idea for males. Go and pay Gianni’s amazing blog a visit at: www.giannic.co.uk.



N.E. BOY is a men’s fashion, lifestyle and art and design blog based in Newcastle, created by Nick Lau. Read Nick’s reasons for starting his blog and a little introduction about himself.

“My name is Nick, and I’m 28-years-old from the North East. I have a degree in Automotive Design and I am inspired by all things design! I’m the founder of and currently run www.heroandcape.com, a creative streetwear label.”

“I started the N.E.Boy blog purely as a hobby. I’ve seen how influential and inspiring female fashion bloggers can be and I wanted to try and do my part for the male blog readers. I think it can be difficult sometimes to find inspiration when it comes to styling and it’s a massive bonus to have a resource like fashion blogs and websites to get ideas.”

Well Nick, we think you’re doing a fantastic job for the male blog readers! Check out Nick’s wonderful blog here: www.ne-boy.blogspot.co.uk.


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