Your new night out top: a silk scarf

A silk scarf, for most people, is not a wardrobe staple. But we do all have one or know someone who does. Admittedly, said silk scarf is probably buried at the back of your pyjama drawer or tied around the handle of the bag you took everywhere in 2017 but have since forgotten about but there’s a new life to be in these satin patterned squares. A surprisingly versatile and easily manipulates piece for those of you who want a new silk scarf or have simply lost yours, they can be found by the basketful in most charity shops and vintage stores for a couple of pounds.

Styling a scarf as a top is possibly the most well-known way to re-work a scarf. However, the version we propose may still be new to some as it differs from the classic (but slightly overdone) triangular boob-tube we saw everywhere on Tik-Tok last summer. This won’t work for every scarf, as it requires a relatively large square of fabric, but take two consecutive corners and tie in a small knot around the neck, with the scarf hanging down over the stomach. The final two corners can then be gathered and knotted at the back to create a draped and flattering backless top perfect for the warmer months.

A scarf top, perfect for a week by the pool

The top ends up backless so you can show off any tan you may have

A silk scarf can also be fashioned into a bag by tying the diagonal corners together. The size of the scarf obviously means the size of the bag differs but the one we created could even hold books. Just be mindful of the weight put on the scarf as the fabric can be delicate and probably isn’t suitable for hauling your belongings around daily.

Beats the classic straw beach bag


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