Pie-mark! Exclusive first look Primark X Greggs fashion range

It’s here! Feast your eyes on the new collab which goes on sale this Saturday. And we can assure you there’s nothing half-baked about this very Northern fashion collection…

Photo from Greggs and Primark

Available in 60 Primark stores across the UK from this weekend, the Greggs collaboration celebrates a truly British icon with puff-pastry inspired products from bucket hats to loungewear. A one-of-a-kind boutique has opened in London to celebrate the launch, offering those of us who truly can’t get enough of the eponymous sausage rolls an exclusive first look at the items available.

Thankfully, for those of us not in the capital to visit the store, we’ve been given an exclusive look at the collab that may even rival FENDANCE, the Fendi X Versace collection we never saw coming.

The collection features 11 different products, all sporting the infamous blue and orange logo, the majority of which are gender-neutral and will appeal to a range of customers.

The missing piece to our WFH wardrobe. Image credit: Greggs and Primark

Even Greggs knows how chic and classic a black tracksuit is. Image credit: Greggs and Primark

A Crewneck perfectly suited to the Cold Winter here in the North East.

As expected with Primark, the collection is very affordable, with prices starting at £7 for a pack of five socks. The hoodies range from £14-£16 whilst the tops are only £8. As for the accessories, the trainers retail for £16 and the sliders are only half that price.

A Modern fashion Classic? Image credit: Greggs and Primark

A late Valentines present for the man in your life? Image credit: Greggs and Primark

Fashion has been known to take inspiration from pop culture and even fast food before, with the Moschino autumn/winter 2014 collection heavily inspired by McDonald’s. But, this is the first time Greggs and Primark are collaborating, uniting two pillars of the UK high street for food and fashion-lovers alike.

A beach staple or maybe just something to stick on round the house. Image credit: Greggs and Primark

A Greggs collaboration wouldn’t be complete without the sausage roll. Image credit: Greggs and Primark

Furthermore, Greggs has been known to hit the news in the past, always somewhat of a controversial presence on social media with their nativity scene featuring one of their signature sausage rolls. But despite the rolled eyes, this collection may elicit, the clothes could easily become collector’s items due to their limited, while-stocks-last availability. It may have some of us looking back in five years and scratching our heads at this hilarious combination but stocks are set to fly off the shelves and, it probably won’t be long before we see them splashed (possibly ironically) across our Instagram feeds.

Described as “Perfect for festival goers and superfans alike”. Image credit: Greggs and Primark

A contender for the LIDL trainers. Image credit: Greggs and Primark

Not to everyone’s taste- as with Greggs sausage rolls anyway- this collection probably won’t be seen in the front row at london fashion week, but it pays homage to a true British iconic and cements the high-street bakery in fashion history. Whether that will come to be defined as a faux pas in fashion history, only time will tell.

Will you be running to Primark in Newcastle, Sunderland or the MetroCentre in the hopes of snagging a piece from the collection? Let us know on Twitter @Fashion_North and on Instagram @fashion_north.


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