Does our fashion future depend upon gender neutralisation?

“Why do we force these stereotypes onto our children before they are even able to talk, let alone make a decision?” says Sam Robin Clarke, gender-neutral activist.

The gender-neutral concept is a growing area of focus in today’s society. We now live in a society where it should be acceptable for children to identify their own personality and gender from a young age.

High-street fashion brand River Island is the next fashion chain to step up into the gender-neutral world. Following on from John Lewis, RI have introduced their new urban inspired gender-neutral range for children.

Image Credit: River Island Press Office

Josie Cartridge, customer director, comments: “We want River Island to be a place where you can shop to express your own style identity and to cater to a lot of different types of people. Kidswear is a relevant place to think about unisex clothing because that is where body shape is less different- it is capturing a zeitgeist moment but it’s also highly practical.”

Large retailers are not the only fashion brands making their mark. Independent retailers are having their say.

“Stamping out stereotypes” is the tag line of Cublife Clothing, gender-neutral kidswear company.

Owner, Emily Louise states: “I do not bring my little boy up to believe clothing and toys are specifically manufactured for boys or girls. My son wears leggings along with gender-free colours and patterns.”

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Mother of transgender son, Elaine, shares her story: “I just think it’s important to let kids choose what they want. I fought and fought my daughter from about age three to eight, to like everything pink and wear dresses. It was apparent at the age of three that she wanted to be a boy and that’s all she wanted to be when she grew up.”

Will gender-neutral clothing be the new way forward in fashion?

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