Fashion North attends the Sunderland Vintage Kilo Sale

Last weekend, Bede Tower became full of beautiful and interesting vintage clothes, as the UK’s first and largest kilo sale came to Sunderland after visiting big cities such as London, Edinburgh, Manchester, and many others. Here at Fashion North we took along our own bag and rummaged through tonnes of branded items from the 70’s to 00’s.

Vintage fashion is very popular in today’s society, and this sale is a good opportunity for finding items that are more quirky to what shopping centres offer. There is a really low chance of finding something the same as someone else, as everything is unique and may have even came from another century. Various combinations of clothes can be found and what’s more, you do not pay for singular items but per kilo. That means you can find various well known brands and you always pay just £ 15 per kilo. Isn’t that great?

Image: Sunderland Vintage Kilo Sale, (c) Anna Kristofcova

Another good reason to shop second hand, is the contribution to environmental protection. It is not so known that it takes approximately 2600 litres of water to make one white T-shirt and 11.1 million tonnes of clothes are thrown away every year. Just imagine the impact of this on our environment. Thankfully with sustainable fashion, we can decrease the negative impact on nature and also save some money ourselves.

So what are shoppers thoughts about this event?

Lenka, 20, from Prague, says: “I could not find any events in Sunderland and finally, I found this event on Facebook. I am interested in slow fashion and also in vintage so I decided to come. Unfortunately, I am a little bit disappointed with the venue of the kilo sale, as it seemed from photos that it was happening in a big space. First I thought I wouldn’t find anything but actually, I found really interesting pieces. Also, I think, more people would come if there wasn’t the entrance fee.”

Image: Lenka, (c) Anna Kristofcova

Sophie, 27, from Middlesbrough, says: “As I like vintage clothes, I found out about this event on Facebook, through the various vintage pages I follow. It’s a bit busy here today, a bit loud, it’s always the same every time you go to one of these events. They’re great fun.”

Image: Sophie, (c) Anna Kristofcova

Prishol, 62, from Sunderland, says:  “I’ve got a friend that works at Macmillan and we work at Sunderland maternity unit together, she mentioned this event to me which is why I came along today. I love Julie’s Vintage in London and she is here today with items from her store. I’ve found a Cardigan so far and I love it, even at my age.”

Image: Prishol, (c) Anna Kristofcova

Ben, 21, from Uganda, says: “My friend Connor found the event on Facebook and I’m hoping to find football kits from professional teams. I like that kind of thing and there is a lot of stuff here, but I still need to look around.”

Image: Connor and Ben, (c) Anna Kristofcova

Stepanka, 19, from the Czech Republic, says: “I saw on Facebook that my friends were interested in this event, so I did a little research about it and I found out that it was happening all around England. I just decided to come along today as it was the closest of the events to me and I will see if I find something.”

Image: Stepanka, (c) Anna Kristofcova

Neil, 36, from Sunderland, says: “I have seen a few interesting things but unfortunately, they have been a bit too small for me, I think it would be nice to have such events more often.”

Image: Neil, (c) Anna Kristofcova

Did you attend the vintage kilo sale in Sunderland? Tweet us the photos of your wonderful pieces to @Fashion_North


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