London Fashion Week: Sibling SS16

For spring summer 2016, the knitwear loving brand took us to the 1960s idea of futuristic fashion, with mini skirt dresses in sheer fabric, miniscule bikinis and two-piece knitted skirt suits.

However this collection comes with some sadness attached, as in August this year the trio became a duo, due to the passing of their joint creative director, Joe Bates, who lost his battle with cancer, making this, one of the last collections he would worked on.

A collection of 30 looks and five key themes, Sibling created a compilation channelling a Pierre Cardin and André Courrèges 60s outlook for the future.

Opening with a leopard print mini dress with spaghetti straps in bands of pastel yellow, green and lilac with lavender ankle sports socks with a patent court shoe.

The leopard and panelled striped print carried through the opening six-pieces, with black transparent plastic lace up shorts and corseted pencil skirt.

The clear plastic theme ran through out the show, as square neckline A-line dresses, anoraks and tiered outwear became the new normal.

Swimsuits and bikinis in crocheted black hexagons with pale yellow, blue and lavender center gave a liquorice wheel appearance. This flat designed became 4D with mini skirts, a cape with planetary orbs in the centre of the ring like discs, finished with striped ankle socks and classic court shoe with bow detail.

Crochted gowns in black and metallic gold with plunging necklines and thigh high splits only added to the space-age summer 2016 collection.

As the show drew to a close, leopard print became infused with a flora bodycon dress and a bomber jacket with animal print pants.

Lavender swimwear with machine bomber jacket and floor length column dress added a new spin on the collection, with it’s graphic print kaleidoscope tile design.

But rounding the collection in true Sibling style, a leopard print tee, cardigan and pencil skirt, as well as an all over print long-sleeved unitard which would look great at gymnastics at Rio 2016.

However no Sibling show would be complete without an outlandish and down right fabulous closing number. Tiered striped fabric in the colours of the collection, trimmed in gold metallic edging brought a sense of fun the rather sultry collection.

Sibling has created a collection that will divide opinion no doubt. With it’s clothing cacophony of fabric concoctions and print styles. But this is why we love Sibling, they keep us guessing every season, and prove there are new ways to crochet and knit an ensemble.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to knit myself a little swimwear number for 2016.





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