Merry Vlogmas: Fashion North’s top picks

Fashion North’s favourite vloggers include Zoe Sugg, Jasmine Clough, and Molly Thompson.

We’re five days into Vlogmas already which means it’s not too late for you to catch up on some of our favourites we’ve been watching.

Zoe Sugg

Zoe’s vlogs are quite lengthy anywhere between 20 – 40 minutes, definitely one to watch with a cup of hot chocolate.

Followers: 4.89 million



Anastasia’s Vlogs

Ana’s vlogs aren’t any longer than 15 minutes, perfect for getting quickly up to date!

Followers: 333,000



Soph sometimes merges days together, but that just means we get double the content!

Followers: 94,000


Jasmine Clough Vlogs

Follow Jasmine along as she goes to a Beauty Bay event and Winter Wonderland in her first vlogmas video. Her videos range from 13-22 minutes.

Followers: 57,000

Beauty Spectrum 

Molly’s doing a foundation degree in Leeds, follow her along at uni while she films vlogmas.

Followers: 106,000


Just as a funny one, Jay and Romell are a duo that prank each other and create humorous content. Following on from last year, they’re back with their Extreme Christmas Advent Calendar.

Followers: 4.46 million


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