Signature colour: khaki crazy

Although camouflage isn’t a colour, khaki definitely is. From light green to dark green with a bit of cream and brown in the mix too – khaki is for sure my go-to colour.

You name the clothing item I have it in either khaki or camo from the bottom with socks to the top with bomber jackets.

Top: New Look, Jeans: Primark, Choker: Primark

The first outfit is great for the winter as you can throw on an oversized jacket. Or, when it starts to get warmer you can ditch the jacket however, and when it’s really warm I tend to ditch the jeans in favour of day dress too.

I purchased this dress from Select a few years ago and it always makes an appearance every summer.

It’s safe to say I need to stop buying khaki coloured clothing items but it’s my signature colour so what can I say.


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