Sole Support: Find The Best Trainers Suited To You

With many high-impact sports, including running, the type of trainer you wear can affect your performance. Depending on the shape of your foot, you may need more or less support to your trainer to compensate for over/under-pronation.

If you have a high arch, where only the front and back of your foot touches the ground, you won’t need any extra support as the arch absorbs the impact well. Here are three trainers suitable for you:

High Arch

If you have a neutral arch, where the outer border of your foot as well as your sole and heel touch the ground equally, it’s best to stick to normal trainers, with cushioning throughout to absorb the impact of movement. Here are three pairs best suited to you:

Normal Arch

For those with low arched feet, this often causes your feet to roll in towards each other; you’re best sticking with neutral trainers with cushioning on the inside, under your arch for natural shock absorption. Here are three trainers suitable for you:

Low Arch

We hope this post helped give you an insight into the different types of trainers out there. Sometimes the prettiest ones aren’t the best suited to you and your foot shape. If you’re still confused about which trainer to go for, make sure you ask an assistant when you next go shopping, as they’ll be able to point you in the right direction.


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