The Zandra Rhodes x IKEA collaboration that’s being resold for 10 times its original price

We all know that the iconic Dame Zandra Rhodes is known for her garish designs that match her unique and bold fashion looks, but she has most recently collaborated with IKEA and released a new collection with the furniture brand called “KARISMATISK”. The collection is selling out fast in-store, with a redesigned IKEA shopping bag being resold for ten times as much as it’s original price.

The collection is called “KARISMATISK,” as that is the Swedish word for ‘charismatic”. The collection features bold and colourful designs that are distinctive to Zandra Rhodes. With rugs, mirrors and storage boxes, Rhodes has imprinted her iconic flair for design onto every product making it stand out from the rest of IKEA’s weird and wacky furniture.


A spokesperson for IKEA said: “The limited-edition range includes 26 beautifully bright products, including electric pink pleated FRAKTA bags, bold floral rugs, a glamorous snake printed cushion cover, brilliant vases, statement-making lampshades and a curved mirror.”

“Together, Zandra and IKEA set out to explore the power of colour and pattern in adding character and charisma to the home. This exploration led to a deeper understanding of prints and colour as powerful expressions of personality, talent, culture, as well as their psychological effects on people and spaces.”

But the one thing that has got us all talking at Fashion North is the redesign of the iconic blue IKEA shopping bag (FRAKTA bag) that we all know when we take a trip to the furniture store.



Rhodes and IKEA released two redesigned shopping bags in medium and large, that are electric pink and feature pleated frills all around the bag. They retailed for £1.50 and £2.50 and were only available to buy in the store.

They flew straight off the shelves and sold out instantly but they are now being resold on popular platforms such as eBay and Depop for ten times their original price.

Some of the listings right now online are between £12.49 and £24.99, with free postage. However, there are now several overseas sellers on Ebay selling these shopping bags for more than £50.32 including overseas charges and shipping.

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Fashion North reached out to IKEA for a comment on the reselling of the bag and, a spokesperson said: “Due to the overwhelming popularity of the limited-edition collection, many of the products are now sold out online and in-store.”

The collection has been highly anticipated and has been proven extremely popular with customers, with limited products now only available in stores in IKEA around the UK.

Here are some of our favourites at Fashion North, that are fun and unique for your home.


KARISMATISK pink cushion cover, 50×50 cm, £7


KARISMATISK blue vase (23cm), £25



KARISMATISK etched mirror (56×80), £15

See more of the collection below


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