A young artist’s plans for a future in fashion


We are always on the lookout for new talent, and we definitely struck gold when I met up with young artist, Ty Doughty.

Ty has an extraordinary and beautiful talent which he is far too modest about, so I challenged him to choose a rather embarrassing selfie of myself from my Instagram, and you can see the extensive attention to detail and his amazing skill from the finished portrait below.


“I don’t believe I have a talent for art, I just enjoy it”, the 19-year-old told us. “My favourite subject is people, this is mainly because I love painting emotions and in my opinion, we display them most prominently. I also enjoy the design aspect of art, creating characters and environments”.

Despite the fact that Ty’s artwork has yet to be snapped up for an exhibition, this does not deter the young artist for ambitious plans for the future.

“I hope to design clothes for characters. I will be designing costumes and outfits for my future projects so be sure to stay connected! I’ve always wanted to run my own clothing line! It would be heavily inspired by Cheap Monday’s fashion as well as All Saints and a hint of Levi’s. I love monotone!

“I try to paint and draw as much as I can, which mainly involves working with 3D programs such as MAYA and Zbrush. This is because I want to gain a larger skillset that involves both 2D and 3D work to one day own or work for an independent company”.


As well as the runway, Ty also hopes to see his work featured on our screens, “I’d also love to use my 3D skills in the TV and film industry one day as I love animation and absolutely admire Pixar’s works.”

One of Ty’s favourite artists is Noah Bradley as he admired the artist’s both traditional and digital art work. Another of his favourites is Aaron Nakahara who has massively helped him with advice and inspiration. “I also love Sargents works”, he adds. “Which mainly consists of amazing portrait paintings”.

Ty gets a lot of requests for portrait painting, so if you are interested, you can email him at: tydoughtyart@gmail.com

Check out Ty’s current work on: https//:www.facebook.com/TyDoughtyArt

Follow him on Instagram: @tydoughty


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