Fashion’s fight for Ukraine

The Ukrainian invasion is dominating everything, from the news, to our conversations over dinner. Aside from Covid (which we are all admittedly sick of talking about), the conflict between Russia and the former soviet country is one of the biggest international issues of the past decade.

Fashion, as with every industry, has been significantly impacted by the fighting, with Ukrainian designers trapped at fashion weeks around the world and hundreds in the industry displaced or left homeless by the fighting. But the world of heels and handbags stands tall and is fighting back.

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Olya Kuryshchuk , founder of 1Granary, is collecting signatures on an open letter that urges the fashion industry to stand together and support the Ukrainian people. The letter can be found online and currently has 2200 signatures. The letter encourages large fashion houses and influential individuals in the industry to use their platform and power to spread awareness. Most importantly, it highlights the sheer reach and effect the conflict is having.


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Brands such as Balenciaga have been utilising their social media platforms, by deleting all previous posts and focusing on informing and educating followers on the invasion. Currently, their instagram has a singular post of the colours of the Ukrainian flag, as well as links to donate to the aid effort in their bio.

Other individuals have pledged to donate money from fashion week or the sale of their products to charities that offer aid to those effected. Mica Aragnaraz announced her plan to donate part of her earnings from walking at fashion month to support Ukrainian organisations whilst other brands have ceased sales in Russia for an undisclosed period of time. High street giant H&M has suspended trading in the country and Acne Studios pledged in their show notes to “put all our Russian activities on hold”.

Armani shows his collection in complete silence. Image from Alamy

One of the first major demonstrations of support came from Armani, who held their Milan fashion week show in total silence in solidarity. Other brands such as LVMH, the parent company of  Louis Vuitton and Dior (to name a few), is organising an internal fundraising campaign and donated five hundred thousand dollars (approximately £37340) to UNHCR, the UN’s refugee agency.

Rep. Cheri Bustos wore the colours of the Ukrainian flag in subtle show of support. Image from alamy

The whole world has been touched by this war and whilst we might not all be able to donate hundreds of thousands of pounds to charity, we can show our individual support by signing petitions, having informed conversations with those in our lives and wearing blue and yellow combinations.

Head to @Fashion_North to share how you’re supporting Ukraine with blue and yellow outfit combinations or even a make-up look.


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