Gosh Cosmetics doing their bit for the Earth with new packaging

Gosh Cosmetics introduced a new collection of DEXTREME full-coverage foundations with 40% of its packaging made out of Ocean Waste Plastic, the equivalent of 10-20 plastic bags.

This vegan foundation in available in four shades and is suitable for normal to oily skin with an effect that should stick around all day long!


The plastic used for this product is mostly collected in Indonesia by local fisherman. It is then transported to the sorting facilities. The plastic is received in a compressed format, ready to be sorted, washed, rinsed several times during the process, shredded and made into pellets.
It is then injected or blown into new packaging. By doing this, Gosh’s factories reduce their CO2 emissions by 52% and power by 82% in comparison with virgin plastic. This is their first sustainable product ever, but come January 2020 they will also feature a mascara called Cathy Eye Drama and a foundation called Chameleon.
So, by this time next year there should be several products with OWP packing.

“The concept of our OWP is not only about collecting the plastic but it is also about working to prevent new plastic from entering the oceans. We support the recycling industry or local initiatives of creating recycling in areas where plastic is typically not collected and recycled, and we collect plastic from areas where the plastic is about to enter the oceans” said a spokesperson for Gosh.

The DEXTREME FOUNDATION container can be recycled (again).

They went on to say: ”Plastic pollution in the oceans is one of the biggest environmental concerns of our lifetime and is set to triple in the next decade unless prompt action is taken. As an important player in the cosmetics industry, we need to see the potential in creating circular supply chains and how to re-use plastic once extracted from the oceans and from nearby areas where plastic potentially floats into the oceans”.

Gosh benefits from CO2 neutral production as all their power comes from the Anholt Offshore Wind Farm. What’s more, they source their heating using bio-gas which is a climate-friendly form of energy that can be produced by, for example, slurry, manure and household and industrial waste.
In addition, Gosh recycle mascara brushes by sending them to wildlife centres in Denmark.


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