Designer, Nicole Robotham, discusses new project and how to be successful in the fashion industry.

Nicole Robotham set up the business especially for designers in the North East of England for the reason that in previous years, most fashion companies have been based in London and surrounding areas in the South.

We caught up with Nicole at her office based in Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne, to talk about her very own online business and advice that she has for current students who are looking to develop their career in the fashion industry.

When discussing the basis of her business Nicole said: “There’s a really good little community of creative companies now in the North East, who are providing creative services and it’s a great time to be joining that industry.

“Initially I was willing on taking designs from North East designers but I’ve had interests from all over the UK and also Geneva, Sydney and I have a client in San Francisco who are sending me their designs to be represented and sold.

“For any students who are currently in the fashion industry looking to getting a job within the industry, I would say take part in as many work experiences as you can. Take every opportunity to contact anybody you see that might be able to help you. It will give you so much experience and everything you do will teach you something different.

You can check out the 92 Designs website here at

Words: Tutu Manyena



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