Marc Jacobs Closes NYFW by Blending Streetwear and Vintage Glamour in His Buzzing A/W Show

Marc Jacobs’ Autumn/Winter collection was last to grace the catwalks of New York Fashion Week yesterday evening and demonstrated that Jacobs’ sense of avant garde style was still very poignant.

Guests relaxed at sophisticated dining tables in a dimly lit room, whilst they were entertained by a plethora of contemporary dancers, all dressed in the A/W collection. Erratic orchestral music played as the dancers mirrored the fast-pace in their movements – weaving in-and-out of the tables. The guests, amongst them modern stars such as rap-princess Nicki Minaj, were subject to a night at the theatre, of somewhat deliberate chaos.

This high-energy show allowed pieces to be displayed in a way that reflected Jacobs’ artistic spirit. He showcased both male and female clothing, androgyny and a plus size model – illustrating he is on board with equality in the fashion industry.

(credit: TAGWALK)

(credit: TAGWALK)












The collection blended edgy street-styles with elegant glamour. Some outfits were youthful, using off-the-shoulder tops and casual jackets with patterns or solid colouring. There was an element of teenage angst in the way that their jackets were dragged behind them. Tartan was popular, reminiscent of Jacobs’ ‘90s grunge days. Though it was somewhat reimagined – thigh-high slits, black leather and thick belts, perhaps to cater for today’s youth.

(credit: TAGWALK)

(credit: TAGWALK)


Miley Cyrus (credit: TAGWALK)

Award-winning pop artist Miley Cyrus, known for her rugged and controversial styles, wore a black bra and trousers, whilst dragging a zebra-print jacket. Though this was partnered with elbow-length leather gloves, and a delicate diamond necklace – the embodiment of merging this with the vintage look.

There was a definite sophisticated, Hollywood glamour feel to the outfits, similar to the setting of the show itself.  Bella Hadid sported a slim black evening dress, accompanied by elbow-length gloves and diamond jewellery. She carried her jacket, blending this 1960s inspired look with the more laid-back style.

Bella Hadid (credit: TAGWALK)

However, Jacobs has not lost his ability to create flamboyant looks, and he is no stranger to extravagant pieces. Oversized coats were very popular in the show, featuring bold patterns, faux fur, and powerful shoulders. There were also other fine art designs featuring ruffles, rose embellishments and plastic.

(credit: TAGWALK)

(credit TAGWALK)

(credit: TAGWALK)

(credit: TAGWALK)













The show was closed by Jacobs himself, who stepped forward to stamp his foot – consequently stopping the music, and the room reverted to darkness. A dramatic end to arguably one of his best ever shows, and consequently, New York Fashion Week.

Marc Jacobs at the end of his A/W show. (credit: Vogue)


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